Cyco Nutrients - Platinum Series - Potash Plus

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Assists with the Transition from Veg to Flower

Potash Plus is used in the first four weeks of the flowering stages. Potash is known to aid in water retention which improves nutrient transportability. Cyco Potash Plus also has a balancing effect on other nutrients, especially nitrate, further improving nutrient uptake. It also speeds up the production of flowering sites after the transition from veg to flower. Greater numbers of flowering sites lay the foundations for greater quantities of fruits later on in flower, so you can expect to see a corresponding increase in yields.

Cyco Potash Plus helps plants to deal with stressors, like environmental issues, pests and diseases, droughts and frosts.


Choose from 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Used in the first four weeks of the bloom phase
  • Helps plants to retain water, increasing resistance to drought and preventing wilting
  • Helps to form plant tissues
  • Increases flower clusters, paving the way for bigger and better fruits later on
  • Teams up well with the rest of the Cyco range - not to be used with Cyco Swell

How To Use

Potash Plus is used at 1ml per litre for the first four weeks of the flowering stages. For more information, take a look at the feed charts that can be found under the downloads tab.


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