Cyco Nutrients - Platinum Series - B1 Boost

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Potent Booster for the Vegetative Stages

Cyco Platinum Series B1 Boost delivers concentrated doses of thiamine (B1), a natural vitamin that has powerful effects on both plants and humans. Thiamine is present in an array of organic materials, including plant matter, bacterial excrement and fungi. It is an essential nutrient for plants, as it is involved in several key metabolic processes. It is required for the synthesis of thiamine diphosphate (TDP), which is a coenzyme in several important enzymes, including pyruvate dehydrogenase and transketolase. Thiamine is also required for the synthesis of other important metabolites, such as ATP and NADPH. In addition, thiamine is involved in the regulation of gene expression and the stress response in plants. Thiamine, therefore, plays a vital role in plant growth, development, and stress tolerance.

B1 Boost also comes with a decent dose of pharmaceutical grade potassium which boosts enzymatic activity, assists with protein formation and the translocation of sugars.


Choose from 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Used throughout the grow and bloom phases
  • Jam-packed with growth-enhancing thiamine (B1), and an array of nutrients
  • Acts as a cofactor for a multitude of processes and regulates gene expression
  • Acts as a stress tonic
  • Utilises an industry leading 1-micron filtration process
  • Formulated using 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Teams up nicely with the rest of the Cyco range

How To Use

B1 Boost is used right the way through the grow and bloom stages at 2ml per litre. For more information, check out the Cyco feed chart, which can be found under the downloads tab.

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