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Cyco Commercial Series Grow & Bloom is great for all hydroponic applications such as drip systems, DWC, rock wool and coco it is also suitable for all soil applications.

Commercial Series is compatible to all water types with no changes needed to the mixture or the amount used, when you dissolve Commercial Series Grow & Bloom into your water it is visibly clear and leaves no residue.


  • Specially formulated for outstanding results in all grow medias.
  • Enhanced with amino acid for increased nutrient uptake and performance.
  • No extra additives required.
  • No extra Cal-Mag required.
  • pH stable & Buffered.
  • Soft and hard water compatible.
  • No mess no residues.
  • Simple usage.

How To Use

Usage: 1 – 2 teaspoons per gallon fresh water.
( 5 – 10 grams per 4 liters fresh water. )

Soil: Apply nutrient once or twice weekly. Use plain
water between applications.

Hydroponics: Change nutrient reservoir weekly.

Use mild strength nutrient for delicate plants and
full strength nutrient for robust plants.

Add nutrient to water and ensure solution is well mixed with air or water pumps.
Agitator or mixing pumps recommended for larger, commercial reservoirs.

For smaller reservoirs or those without agitation mechanisms, stir thoroughly
until solution is completely mixed, 10-15 min.

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