CX Horticulture - PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)


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PMT (Powdery Mildew Treatment)

If you discover white, powdery spots on your plant’s leaves then the chances are they have been infected with Powdery Mildew, a fast-spreading mould that can completely ruin your whole garden. Act quickly and use PMT straight away.

How PMT Works:

PMT is part of the CX Horticulture Induced Resistance strategy and it stimulates your plants natural defences against moulds, particularly Powdery Mildew and Botrytis (Bud Rot). PMT will help your plants to rid themselves of the infection, control its spread and stop it coming back. PMT works best as a preventative measure. PMT is completely non-toxic and can be used right up to harvest.

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  • Kills and prevents the spread of Powdery Mildew mould
  • Safe for use on food crops
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Safe to humans, animals and the environment
  • Can be used right up to harvest
  • Activates your plants natural defences
  • Great for use as a preventative measure
  • Also helps to prevent Botrytis (Bud Rot)
  • 100ml bottle makes up to 10 litres of spray

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