Clonex Mist

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Clonex Mist

Clonex is a quality brand renowned throughout the industry for the effectiveness of its tried-and-tested rooting gel. Clonex Mist is their innovative new product – a foliar spray formulated to assist cuttings and seedlings through their most vulnerable stages. Every grower wants to give their plants the best start possible – Clonex Mist is a great way to improve cutting success-rates, reduce rooting times and improve overall vigour from the off.

How Clonex Mist Works

Clonex Mist is a foliar-applied root stimulator designed for use with clones and seedlings. Supplied in a convenient spray bottle, it has been created after many years of research to enhance overall strength and vigour, promote the development of healthy roots and trigger the growth of elongated root hairs. Clonex Mist is formulated from a natural blend of minerals and natural additives, making it non-toxic and totally safe for use in any environment – totally harmless to pets, children and wildlife.

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  • Growth Technology – professional quality products for professional results!
  • For use with cuttings and seedlings
  • Improves success-rates and rooting times for cuttings
  • Works as an effective pre-treatment for mother-plants
  • Contains nutrients and minerals, to support cuttings and seedlings through their most vulnerable stages

How To Use

Using Clonex Mist:

Clonex Mist is designed to for use in two separate stages. It's primarily used as a foliar spray for nourishing and developing cuttings, but it can also be applied to mother-plants as an effective pre-treatment prior to transplantation. Apply Clonex Mist to the area of your mother-plant that you wish to remove cuttings from, repeating the process two-to-three times per week for the fortnight leading up to the removal of any growth. Then take your cuttings as usual, using a sharp, clean scalpel, Clonex Gel and your chosen rooting medium, e.g., Root Riot, Rockwool, Jiffy Plugs, etc. After taking cuttings, lightly spray all foliage with Clonex Mist before placing into a propagator. Cuttings should be checked and re-sprayed afterwards at 2-3 day intervals. Spraying regularly and using in conjunction with Clonex Gel will improve the success rates of your cuttings, by giving them everything they need to thrive during their early stages. Clonex Mist also accelerates the root-growth and overall development in young seedlings when applied at similar 2-3 day rates.

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