Carbon Garden Filters

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Carbon Garden Filter

Freshen up your grow space! The Carbon Garden Filter contains CGV-4 activated carbon to absorb odours and keep them away. This is a must when it comes to creating a comfortable, clean, and discreet ventilation system.

Eliminates odours instantly

Activated carbon works using a process called adsorption. This is not to be confused with absorption!

Rather than circulating in the air and causing smells to linger, the tiny holes in the carbon offer an attractive place for the odour to travel. Here, they become trapped - so the odour cannot return.

The Carbon Garden contains a pre-filter that traps odour molecules within 0.1 seconds of contact. Not only will this eliminate existing smells, but it will also catch new ones before they even reach you. 

CGV-4 activated carbon

Inside the filter are CGV-4 activated carbon pellets made from coconut husk. These naturally-sourced odour eliminators are filled with microscopic holes called micropores, as small as 2 nanometres each!

The more porous these individual pellets, the more micropores there are on their surface, and the quicker all odour particles can be neutralised. 

Thanks to the porosity of the CGV-4 pellets, the Carbon Garden Filter will remain on top form and neutralise odours on contact for 12 months. 

Comfortable, fresh environment

No grower wants odour escaping from their tent or greenhouse. Plant matter can quickly start to smell even in well-ventilated areas and might risk some unhappy neighbours. 

Attaching the carbon filter between your fan and ducting will remove impurities before they leave. 

Where to use Carbon Garden Filter?

The filter is lightweight and easy to install, making it suitable for use in any indoor growing space. Use in grow tents, greenhouses, and grow rooms to remove unwanted plant smells. Alternatively, use in the home or workplace for general domestic odour and VOC removal. 

How to use Carbon Garden Filter?

To prolong its lifetime, only unwrap the Carbon Garden filter straight before use. 

Fix directly to a fan or use a small section of ducting to separate the two. Hang the equipment at the top of the grow space, tent, or grow room using bungee straps or ties. 

Avoid excess humidity in your grow space, as it may decrease the effects of the filter. 

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