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One Premium, Organic Feed for Veg and Bloom

With its all-in-one formula, designed for both veg and bloom, Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% takes organic growing to the next level. Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% combines the finest, organically derived raw materials available, whilst containing no animal waste or by-products, making it not only "organic" but "veganic" too. You can use Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% in any medium and it gives your plants everything they need from day one, leading to strong healthy plants with large flower sets and a super clean end product at harvest time.

How Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% Works

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is a one-part, organically derived, NPK fertiliser, making it suitable for vegetarians or vegan growers who want to grow organically or veganically. The nitrogen in Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% comes from plant matter. There’s also added molasses and rock phosphate (often called rock dust), which provides the phosphorous, as well as vinasse, which provides a source of potassium. Vinasse is a by-product of the sugar industry when refining sugar cane or beet into refined white sugar.

The only non-certified element in Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is citric acid, hence the "99%" in Buddhas Tree Organicus 99%. Citric acid is used in small quantities to break down the rock phosphate into a plant useable form. The result of these quality raw ingredients, blended in one bottle is a nutrient that can be used both in the vegetation phase, promoting strong, bushy, green growth and the bloom phase, when large flowers are forming and ripening. Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is suitable for any media and growing style making it perfect for organic soil growers and those who want the benefits of organic growing in a coco / hydroponic based system.



Your choice of size of Buddhas Tree Organicus 99%


  • Simple to use, all-in-one formula for all stages of plant growth and bloom
  • Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% only uses the finest organically derived raw materials
  • Suitable for all types of media: soil, coco and hydroponic systems
  • No animal waste or by-products used
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly

How To Use

How to Use Organicus 99%

Use Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% at 2-4ml per litre depending on your growth or bloom cycle. Typically use Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% at 2ml per litre for all vegging and 3ml- 4ml for early to late flower, before reducing it to 2ml for the final few weeks prior to flushing.

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