Buddhas Tree - Flower Burst


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Buddhas Tree - Flower Burst

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been formulated to give plants the nutrients they need for a smooth transition between the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage. Used alongside your base nutrient, Flower Burst encourages the development of flower clusters and stronger roots, which paves the way for improved yields later on.

How Flower Burst Works:

Flower Burst has been formulated specifically for the transition between the growth (vegetative) and flower stages (bloom). It's an area that's traditionally been slightly overlooked, but as successful commercial growers will tell you, what you achieve during this period paves the way for greater successes later on. Expect to see a decrease in the time it takes for plants to adjust to the bloom phase and an increase in the development of flower clusters. This produces bigger and better fruits later on, while reducing the time it takes to get to harvest.

Flower Burst's 0-10-8 formula (10 parts phosphorus and 8 parts potassium for every 100 parts of undiluted feed) works alongside your base nutrient. This ratio gives the plant the extra phosphorus it needs to develop healthy roots during the growth spurt that occurs after switching to a 12/12 cycle. Research shows that increased calcium during veg and early flower helps to produce a better overall plant structure. Flower burst contains boron which assists with calcium uptake, meaning that any calcium supplements used at these times will be made exponentially more effective.

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Your choice of size of Buddhas Tree Flower Burst


  • Eases plants between veg and flower stages
  • No PGRs and no raw phosphate!
  • Contains added boron for increased calcium uptake and a better plant structure
  • Highly available phosphorus for rapid root development
  • Concentrated formula – use at only 0.25ml per litre!
  • Creates up to 400 litres of nutrient solution!
  • Contains boron for improved calcium uptake

How To Use

How to use Buddhas Tree Flower Burst:

Flower Burst is used for the first three weeks of the Bloom phase, after which you can switch to using Buddhas Tree PK 9-18. Use it alongside your base nutrient at a rate of 0.25ml per litre and check your pH and EC levels as usual to ensure that they are in range.

Always add one nutrient at a time to the water in your bucket or reservoir tank – never mix them together directly, as this can trigger adverse reactions that may negatively affect your plants and can even be potentially dangerous.

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