Bluelab - 2.77 EC Calibration Solution


Size: 500ml
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Bluelab 2.77 EC Calibration Solution - 500ml

Keeping your nutrient strength meter calibrated is essential for taking accurate readings, which in turn allows you to keep your nutrient solution at the correct strength range. If nutrient concentrations are too weak, plants become deficient and if they are too strong, plants will start to look burnt and overfed. When your meter is properly calibrated, you'll have much more faith in your readings, allowing you to tailor your nutrients to your exact requirements.

How EC Calibration Solution Works

CF/EC meters need to be calibrated regularly to maintain accurate nutrient strength readings. Plants require certain amounts of nutrition when in the vegetation period and different amounts when in the flowering period - if you don't calibrate your meters on a regular basis then your readings may be off and your plants can suffer.


Choose from 250ml and 500ml sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Ideal for calibrating your EC testing equipment
  • Maintains the accuracy of your readings
  • Available in 250ml and 500ml sizes

How To Use

How to Use EC Calibration Fluid

Check out the One Stop Grow Shop Blog to find out how to get EC levels right in hydroponics. It's also worth taking a look at this blog on nutrient strength meters.

Warning: If pH Up and pH Down come into contact with each other they react violently and even small quantities can be explosive. Be very careful when handling pH Up and Down as they are both corrosive and will cause irritation to skin and burns on clothing. Keep out of the reach of children and take appropriate care and precautions when using.

For more info on handling aggressive liquids, call our team on 01782 749955.

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