BAY6 DP160 - 0.75m x 0.75m x 1.6m - Grow Tent

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Sale price£63.99

BAY6 - Low-Cost Tents with Tons of Features

BAY6 grow tents deliver all of the basic features needed for successful growing, while coming in at ridiculously low price points. If you're on a tight budget, then you won't go far wrong with a BAY6.

The 95% reflective mylar sidewalls squeeze extra performance form your grow light, ensuring that nothing is lost, hitting plants with reflected light from multiple different angles. By sealing light in, you're also stopping it from escaping into the outside area, keeping everything nice and discreet. This helped by drawstring ports which help to seal ducting in place and prevent light leaks.

The structure is nice and solid, with quality metal poles and plastic corners, and the canvas is nice and durable. You also get hanging bars to support your equipment.

The full BAY6 range includes sizes and shapes to suit pretty much any grow space.


  • Excellent value for money - comes in at an incredible price point
  • Rigid structure, with metal poles and plastic corners
  • High-quality zips that are made to last
  • Drawstring ports to fit around ducting, preventing light leaks
  • Support bars for hanging your equipment

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