Auto Top-Up Kit with FlexiTank

KITSSKU: K-83136

Size: 100 Litre
Sale price£66.99

Keep Your Grow System Topped Up Automatically

This kit gives you everything you need to ensure that your grow system doesn't run out of nutrient solution, keeping it topped up with a supply of nutrient from a separate tank.

How this Kit Works

Many grow systems come with their own integrated reservoirs. Often, these integrated reservoirs are too small to last for longer periods of time, especially during peak flower, when your plants consume more liquid. This often means that you'll run out of nutrients sooner than you'd like. The Auto Top-Up Kit allows you to automatically top up your system's reservoir tank when needed.

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1 x Hydroflow Auto Top-Up Kit, 1 x FlexiTank (choose between 50 litre and 100 litre versions)


  • Allows you to leave your grow system for longer periods of time
  • Ideal for use with NFT, Wilma, Green Man, Oxypot, Flo-Gro, and AquaFarm grow systems
  • Comes with a FlexiTank - easy to transport and store
  • Simple to install - requires just a drill and a 21mm drill bit
  • Comes with 1.8 metre connection pipe
  • How To Use

    Assemble the Flexi Tank and situate it no more than 15cm higher than the top of the reservoir. Note that the connection pipe that comes with the kit is 1.8 metres long. Drill a 21mm hole at the height of the required waterline. Fit the float valve in place.

    The float valve can be adjusted to match the desired water level of the reservoir tank. To do this, loosen the adjustment screw at the back of the float. Use the pipe and click-fit connector to connect to the Flexi Tank.

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