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Model: HD55
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Alorair — High-Powered, Industrial Dehumidifiers

Alorair Dehumidifiers are designed to remove excess moisture in the most demanding settings. If you're having issues with high relative humidity levels and you're working in a large grow area, then these units are ideal.

Choose between the HD55, the HDi90 and the HDi120. The names for each unit correspond to the number of pints of water removed per day (PPD) at 26°C and 60% relative humidity.

Those numbers are impressive enough, but at saturation levels (32°C and 90% RH), these units can pull TWICE AS MUCH liquid from the surrounding atmosphere! So, on a hot and humid day in the summer, an Alorair dehumidifier will be a complete life saver.

At 32°C and 90% RH

HD55: 113 pints per day (64 litres)

HDi90: 198 pints per day (113 litres)

HDi120: 235 pints per day (133 litres)

The above-mentioned specs allow you to choose the right model based on how much water you'll need to remove each day. You can also go by the manufacturer's area recommendations:

HD55: up to 111m2 (10.5m x 10.5m)

HDi90: up to 242m2 (15.5m x 15.5m)

HDi120: up to 307 m3 (17.5m x 17.5m)

For more info on humidity in your grow room, visit the One Stop Blog.

Alorair dehumidifiers won't just tackle your environmental issues; they'll also provide you with a water source that you can use to make up your plant nutrients. Dehumidifier water is largely demineralised, giving you a neutral starting point and eliminating the issues associated with excessively hard water.

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Choose from the following options using the dropdown menu:

Alorair Sentinel HD55
Alorair Sentinel HDi90
Alorair Sentinel HDi120
Alorair Sentinel Remote
Alorair Sentinel HD55 HEPA Filter


  • Industrial-grade dehumidifiers — built to handle the most demanding settings
  • Extremely high moisture reduction capacities
  • Choose from three models: the HD55, the HDi90 and the HDi120
  • Purchased to order, with fast turnaround times — get in touch for info
  • Reduces the chances of encountering mould and rot
  • Boosts plant growth and yields by keeping the environment within optimal ranges
  • Ideal for growers working at larger scales

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