Alien V-System RDWC System


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The Most Powerful System on the Market

Introducing the Alien V-System RDWC, the pinnacle of hydroponic innovation designed for the serious indoor gardener. This system revolutionises plant cultivation with its advanced technology that ensures maximum oxygenation and nutrient delivery to your plants, leading to unparalleled growth and yields.

We believe the Alien V-System RDWC System provides the highest yield potential of any system we've ever seen as the enhanced oxygenation levels combined with highly efficient nutrient delivery lets plants truly thrive; the increased levels of oxygen also allow your plants to really develop their root zone, leading to increases levels of nutrient uptake.

Be sure to use Silver Bullet with your system to ensure a clean and pathogen free system for peace of mind.

We also suggest Shogun's Samurai Hydro as it pairs perfectly with the Alien V-System RDWC System; the Hydro variant is thinner than traditional nutrients making it perfect for systems as it stops clogging, leading to less issues with cleaning!

Please note these systems are purchased to order - other sizes are also available, please get in touch via 01782 749955.


  • Innovative Oxygenation: Unlike traditional systems, the V-System does not rely on air pumps. It utilises a precision-engineered whirlpool motion to naturally oxygenate the nutrient solution, ensuring optimal oxygen levels throughout the entire root zone.
  • Venturi Valve Technology: This system incorporates Venturi technology to draw air into the nutrient solution, maintaining a quiet and efficient flow of oxygen without the need for mechanical air pumps.
  • Large Capacity Pots: Each unit features massive 58-litre pots that can accommodate large root zones, ideal for growing substantial plants and maximizing yield potential.
  • Optimal Nutrient Flow: The V-System's ultra-wide 5” customizable tubing allows for exceptionally free-flowing nutrients, making it suitable for any size grow room and ensuring perfect nutrient distribution to every plant.
  • Efficient Drainage System: Designed with a sloped base, the V-System allows for 100% nutrient change-outs, ensuring that plants always have access to fresh water and nutrients.
  • Quiet and Powerful: Engineered to operate quietly, the system is both powerful and easy to maintain, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.
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