Alien RDWC 4 Pot 36L Silver Series
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Alien RDWC 4 Pot 36L Silver Series

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Alien RDWC 4 Pot 36L Silver Series
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The Next Generation of RDWC Systems

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The ALIEN® RDWC Pro Silver Series systems have many new features, including heavy duty fittings, clips to secure airlines off the floor, as well as the much improved net pot.

  • Heat reflective Sliver Polymer
  • Dual-Flow™ fittings
  • 50mm silver pipe
  • Jet-Stream™ air pump
  • A.I.R™ Rings
  • Heavy duty pots
  • Elevated airlines


1 x Alien RDWC 4 Pot System with 36 litre containers

How the Alien RDWC System Works

Deep water culture (DWC) is a hydroponic growing method that comes with an array of advantages. Plants are grown from net pots that sit inside the lids of your containers. Instead of filling these containers with substrate, they are instead filled with nutrient solution that is agitated using airstones, creating a bubbling effect. This 'bubbling' ensures that roots get as much oxygen as they could ever use, facilitating extremely rapid plant growth.

So what are the benefits? For a start, there's less medium to deal with; only a small quantity of clay pebbles is required to support initial root growth within the net pot. This means that waste is kept to an absolute minimum. Root systems thrive in heavily oxygenated water and produce amazing results with notable increases in yields. The Alien RDWC Pro keeps nutrients evenly mixed right around the system, thanks to its use of undercurrent technology. Nutrient is forced through the control bucket, which causes it to flow through every container. This also makes it easy to tend to your plants from a central point, without having to deal with each container separately.

How To Use The Alien RDWC System

Full instructions are included with your kit. They'll guide you through the process, step by step.

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