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Get Explosive Roots in Record Time with Our Aeroponic Propagation Kits

These kits will help you to take cuttings from your mother plant and quickly transform them into well rooted clones. Aeroponics is the most advanced method of propagation. Providing your plants with the most effective form of growing possible, as it allows your plants to be misted by a highly aerated nutrient solution below, whilst still being able to breathe above. To enhance your propagation still further check out our range of LED Aeroponic Kits

How the Aeroponic Propagation Kits Work

The aeroponic propagator kits are made up from three core components: a deep bottomed reservoir, an inner tray, and clear plastic propagator lid. The reservoir has ridges that suspend the inner tray of neoprene collars, into which cuttings are suspended and also holds your water supply and centrally mounted water pump. The spray heads, under high pressure from the water pump, act as a mini-sprinkler system. Distributing a fine mist of water and nutrient solution on to the stems of your cuttings, which promote rapid root development.

Due to the oxygen-rich water being sprayed beneath, onto the cuttings stem, root growth is much faster than traditional propagation methods and is virtually unrestricted due to the humid conditions and lack of any media. Maintenance is minimal with these systems, as is the presence of bacterial disease such as pythium striking. To avoid other water-based issues, the Hydor in-tank heater can be used to regulate the temperature of your propagator reservoir, reducing any over or under heating.

The lights in these kits can be inserted to the grooves on the plastic propagator lid. When the clear plastic lid is placed on the tray, a humid environment is created inside the propagator, preventing your clones from drying out before they have successfully rooted out below.

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Your choice of Aeroponic Propagation Kit (choose your kit above)

1 x Unheated Aeroponic Propagator in your chosen size

12-120 x Net Pots

12-120 x Neoprene Collars

2 x SunBlaster T5 Combo Light Fixtures (in a size to suit your propagator)

1 x Spray Head/s

1 x Pump

1 x Sterile Scalpel Blade

1 x 50mls Clonex Rooting Gel

1 x 50 Watt or 100 Watt Hydor In-Tank Water Heater (with thermostat dial)


  • Made of lightweight and durable materials
  • Better success rate than typical rooting techniques of cloning
  • Experience explosive root growth within days!
  • Produces a fine mist of nutrients, that aids faster root formation
  • Speeds up turnaround times from un-rooted cutting to fully rooted plant
  • Easy to set-up and use with virtually no maintenance
  • Provides massive oxygen-rich environment
  • Reduces risk of bacterial growth
  • Highly powerful pump and misting heads distribute nutrients and water evenly and effectively
  • Requires no growing medium

How To Use

In order to effectively propagate aeroponically, it is useful to have at least one healthy mother plant to take clones from. When using fresh clones, you can opt to use either the neoprene collars or the net pots, depending on what kind of cuttings you’re taking or what kind of medium you wish to use once your clones are well rooted.

Once the top tray is filled with neoprene collars (or alternatively net pots), use a sterile blade to trim off healthy, thick stems for your mother plant/s and dip the cut end in the Clonex rooting gel. Place the cutting into the centre of the neoprene collar before suspending them in the inner tray. Place the plastic propagator lid on the tray and place your lights on top (using the grooves provided in the lid).

Fit the spray head and water pump together and place in the centre of the reservoir. The cuttings will be constantly misted with nutrient solution and have unrestricted access to oxygen. This increases rapid root development, giving your plants the extreme oxygenation, without over-watering.

Once roots have developed make sure to open the lid gradually to help the clones adjust to their new environment. When cuttings have grown significant roots, the collars can then be removed and the rooted clones transplanted into soil, coco or another hydroponic system media to grow further.

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