Advanced Nutrients - Voodoo Juice Plus Tablets (5 pack)


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Boost Crop Value With Advanced Nutrients’ Voodoo Juice Plus Tablets

Voodoo Juice Plus contains all 16 strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi you’ll find in Advanced Nutrients' flagship microbial products — now in a cost-effective, quick-dissolving tablet form.

How Advanced Nutrients - Voodoo Juice Plus Tablets Work

This 3-in-1 quick-dissolving formulation is hands down the most convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective way to unlock the full potential of microbes. Reap all the yield-boosting benefits of Voodoo Juice®, Piranha® and Tarantula® — plus a microbial food source — in one quick-dissolving tablet… No more mixing, pouring, or measuring out three separate liquid products.



1 x Voodoo Juice Plus Tablets (Pack of 5)


  • Expand roots and penetrate root membranes for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Sheathe root tips and build mycelia, extending roots to capture and solubilize locked-up nutrients
  • Increase essential oil concentrations

How To Use

Mix a fresh reservoir weekly for best results. If using Coco this should be done daily.

Use 1g per 379 Litres (0.1g per 38 Litres) reservoir during weeks 1 through 2 of the grow phase and during weeks 1 through 2 of the bloom phase.

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