Vortex Acoustic Ducting - 10 Metre Length


Size: 5 Inch (125mm)
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Vortex Acoustic Ducting - 10 Metre Length

Vortex Acoustic Ducting very effectively helps reduce the noise produced by your extraction system. If you need to keep things quiet, acoustic ducting will help! 

How Vortex Acoustic Ducting Works

Vortex Acoustic Ducting consists of an inner layer and an outer layer of flexi-ducting separated by a layer of insulating fibreglass in-between. As air passes down normal flexi-ducting, the sound of the fan and the flowing air vibrates the ducting producing noise. The insulating layer of fibreglass in our acoustic ducting prevents the vibration from getting from the inside layer of flexi-ducting to the outside layer of flexi-ducting. If the noise from your standard flexi-ducting is causing a problem, using acoustic ducting will help reduce it.

Please note: Acoustic ducting will not stop your duct-fan itself from producing noise. To help reduce the noise from your duct-fan, try installing it by hanging it from bungee cords. Acoustic ducting will also not completely silence the sound of the air coming out of the end. We stock a range of silencers which will help reduce this noise. Air noise can be further reduced by creating swept bends rather than having sharp right-angles when going around corners and by stretching out the ducting as much as possible. 

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1 x 10 metre length of Vortex Acoustic Ducting in the diameter of your choice


  • Vortex Acoustic Ducting – reduces the noise being produced along the ducting section
  • Contains a layer of sound & heat insulating fibreglass
  • Tough and flexible
  • Less heat given off from the ducting
  • Available in a choice of Diameters for any of our extraction fans / systems
  • 10 metres long

How To Use

Vortex Acoustic Ducting ducting fits directly over the flange of your extractor fan or filter and an appropriately sized duct clip is usually used to hold it tightly in place. The acoustic ducting can then be run to your air outlet/inlet. Although acoustic ducting works fine when run loose, the noise coming out of the end of the ducting will be greatly reduced if it is stretched out as much as possible. To reduce acoustic ducting down to the correct length, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the aluminium and fibreglass and a pair of sharp wire cutters to snip the spiral wires in the appropriate place.

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