90 Degree Bend Rigid Ducting Part


Size: 10 Inch (250mm)
Sale price£20.99

90 Degree Bend Rigid Ducting Part

A lightweight aluminium connecting segment, designed to create quieter, more efficient slightly swept right-angle corners in the ducting of your extraction system.

How the 90 Degree Bend Works

The smooth edges on the inside of rigid ducting negate many of the issues that come with using flexi-ducting. Flexi ducting’s ruffled edges can create unwanted noise and increase levels of air-resistance if not stretched out correctly, and these effects are heightened when the flexi-ducting is formed into a bend. For this reason rigid ducting tends to be both a more efficient, and also quieter, way to extract air from your indoor garden. The 90 Degree Bend is a solid connector that can reduce noise and help to maintain maximum airflow around a right-angle join to the nearest outlet point.

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1 x 90 Degree Rigid Ducting Bend in the diameter of your choice


  • Very lightweight
  • Endlessly re-useable
  • Creates quieter, more efficient bends when used with flexi-ducting
  • Essential for rigid ducting systems
  • Available in sizes to match all standard sized ducting

How To Use

How to Use the 90 Degree Bend

Always position 90 Degree Bends so that your ducting forms the shortest route possible from your indoor garden to an outside area. The 90 Degree Bend can easily be connected to the rest of the ducting in your extraction system using a duct clip or duct tape or via suitably matched ‘female to female coupling’ which enables the joining of matched ducting components. Simply insert the 90 Degree Bend into the female to female coupling, sealing the edges with duct tape. The other side of the coupling can then be used to connect to the desired point in your extraction system.

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