600w Cool Wing Grow Light Kits with a Choice of Ballast


Kits: 8-Inch Magnetic
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Omega Cool Wing 600W Grow Light Kit

Cool Wing HPS Grow Light Kits allow you to remove hot air from the grow room or grow tent, massively reducing temperatures and making the environment much easier to control. This is naturally a god-send during the hotter months.

Cool Wings are great in winter, too, allowing you to increase the number of grow lights in a given area, improving productivity.

The Omega Magnetic Ballast is simple but effective. It's not quite as refined as the Omega Digital HPS Ballast, and lacks a few features, like soft start-up and adjustable output, but when it comes to the most important stuff, it gets the job done in style. For us, though, the digital model is worth the extra spend.

Both ballasts regulate the power that's fed to the Omega HPS lamp, producing a lighting output that delivers rapid growth rates. The output is particularly heavy in the red areas, which drives profuse flowering and fruiting.

The HPS lamp is housed inside a glass tube. A small, Euro-style reflector sits at the top of the Cool Wing, directing light towards your plants and increasing efficiency.


600w Cool Wing Kits contain the following items:

1 x Omega 600W Magnetic Ballast or Digital Ballast

1 x 600W Omega HPS Grow Lamp

1 x Omega Cool Wing (choose from 125mm, 150mm and 200mm sizes)


  • Lowers grow room temperature levels
  • Makes the environment much easier to control
  • Allows you to add more lighting to the same grow space
  • Excellent value - ideal for beginners and growers on tight budgets
  • Great for kitting out larger rooms without breaking the bank
  • Incredible cost-to-performance ratio
  • Great for a 120cm x 120cm growing area
  • 95,000 lumen output

How To Use

How to Use an Air Cooled Grow Light

Connect some suitably sized ducting to either end of the Cool Wing (often referred to as a cool tube) using Quick Release Duct Clips. Connect the ducting to a duct fan and blow air through the Cool Wing and on towards an outside point. 

It's important that your fan is placed before the grow lights when setting up your lighting system. Never suck hot air through an extractor fan or you'll cause it to overheat, which will inevitably damage it and increase the risk of a fire.

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