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Our Cannock Superstore is located on Martindale industrial estate near the new retail development. Established in 2004, we're now one of the UKs leading hydroponics specialists, offering you the biggest range of equipment at the cheapest prices. Our Cannock store is one of the UK's biggest grow shops with near 4600sq feet of retail space inside. Next time you're near, pop in for a free coffee and see how we can help you improve your crop.

Easy To Get To
We're a stones throw from major roads, and a short drive from the West Midlands, we're near Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Derby and Stafford. We've got a huge range of working displays, the best prices available and we are always in stock to take away same day.

Boost Your Yields & Quality
Our expert staff have years of growing experience and regular training directly from the creators of the products. If you're looking for the secrets of maximising plant growth and quality, a visit to our Cannock superstore is essential. Our Cannock staff are also on hand to get you going as a beginner, help solve any issues and help plan large scale grows.

The UK's Biggest Range of Hydro Gear on Display
We have the biggest range of the best available tents, whether you're looking for somewhere to propagate, a pitched tents for your loft or something large scale, they're all on display, with example set-ups to give you ideas on what works best in the space.

Every Style of Grow Light
We have one of the largest available ranges of HPS, LED and CDM lights on display and 100s of light kits in store to take away same day. Learn the effects of light spectrum on plant growth and how to use it to your advantage.

Environment is Key
See a full range of working extraction displays and environmental equipment, getting your plants environment right is crucial, we've got everything you need.

A Full Range of Systems on Display
Save time and speed up growth by moving from hand watering. Whether its NFT, DWC, R-DWC, Dripper, Bottom-Fed, Flood & Drain of Run-to-Waste, they're all on display and our expert staff are there to talk you through the benefits of each style of growing.

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