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Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro - the choice of Growers in Holland for over 30 years! These nutrients are simple to use yet produce the awesome crops found all over the Netherlands. Dutch Pro also produce some of the only nutrients that are made specifically for auto-flowering plants. No matter whether you grow in hydroponics, soil or coco, you'll get awesome results. On top of that, their Explode flowering booster is regarded as possibly the best in the business. If you want crops like the Dutch grow without spending a fortune, Dutch Pro nutrients might be just what you are looking for! Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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About Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro was founded in the Netherlands in 1985. This makes among the oldest hydroponic nutrient manufacturers in the world.

They specialised in producing economical nutrients that really delivered the goods.

Their nutrients have, of course, been developed and improved over the years and now they make nutrients which have a fierce reputation.

Their philosophy is that base nutrients need to be optimised for every type of medium, stage of growth, type of plant and water hardness. As a result there's separate nutrients for Soil and Coco/Hydro, Grow and Bloom, Original and for Autoflowering Plants, and for Hard water and Soft water. It might seem like a lot of different types, but this ensures your plants get exctly what they need.

The range of boosters has been kept very simple - there are just 5.


Take Root

This encourages cuttiings to root successfully. It can then be used through the whole grow to encourage a big, healthy root system.


Multi Total

This is predominantly an enzyme treatment to break down dead roots and keep the root zone healthy. It also increases uptake of nutrients, encourages beneficial microbes and relieves stress.



This is Dutch Pro's flagship product. It is a world famous flowering booster and stimulator. It contains phosphorus an potassium as well as key ingredients to create a huge burst of flowering.


Silica (Von Leibig Special)

This silica additive creates thick stems, increased uptake of nutrients, builds resistance to pests, water shortage, heat and stress. If that weren't enough, it also increases photosynthesis!


Keep It Clean

Hydroponic systems (particularly dripper systems) are vulnerable to pipe blockages. Keep it Clean keeps your system free from mineral build-ups. For best results use this from when the system is new.

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