Maxi Nebuliser Electric Leaf Sprayer / Fogger

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  • Makes applying liquid pest control or foliar feeds easy
  • 3 nozzles for wide application
  • 5 litre solution bottle gives complete grow room coverage in up to a 4500m3 area
  • Covers a 10m x 10m area in around 40 seconds!
  • Acrosol ULV nebuliser atomises the solution to a droplet size of 20 - 60 microns
  • Variable fog output for smaller rooms
  • High powered fan blows mist up to 6 metres
  • Saves huge amounts of time and effort over manual spraying
  • Lightweight and simple to use

Take the stress out of spraying with the Maxi Nebuliser Electric Leaf Sprayer / Fogger

Foliar feeding and pest control can be a difficult and time-consuming task when dealing with larger grow rooms with standard equipment. Furthermore, manual spraying isn't always 100% effective, as it's often tricky to achieve complete coverage. The Maxi Nebuliser Electric Leaf Sprayer / Fogger eliminates these issues and provides complete coverage at incredible speeds using atomised droplets of solution, making it the most effective and time saving way to apply pest control remedies or foliar feeds possible.

How the Maxi Nebuliser Works

The Maxi Nebuliser uses an Acrosol ULV nebuliser to compress liquid and eject it at high velocity, to create a fine, all-encompassing mist. It uses a fan to project the mist into your growing space (up to 4500m3), coating your plants in the process with either insect controlling agents or foiler feeds. Smaller sized areas can also be treated by using the variable dial on the device, making it useful for any sized area big or small. The Maxi Nebuliser uses 3 nozzles to provide wide application of the liquid being atomised, with a micron size between 20 - 60 microns. This small sized droplet formation allows it to travel easily in the air before making contact with your plants, providing wide spread coverage of your entire growing area. It's simple to use, lightweight and takes all the stress and effort out of an otherwise tedious and arduous task.

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1 x Maxi Nebuliser Electric Leaf Sprayer / Fogger


29cm x 43cm x 26cm



Tank capacity

5 litres

Wattage and voltage

1000w and 220v

How to Use The Maxi Nebuliser

Using the Maxi Nebuliser is easy. Fill up the tank with the liquid that needs applying and place the device in your growing space and switch on. The internal fan then projects the fine mist out towards your plants and will treat an area of 10m x 10m in around 40 seconds.

Note: We advise that you only use the Maxi Nebuliser Electric Leaf Sprayer / Fogger when your lights are off.

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