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Gavita Pro Lighting

Gavita Pro lights stand head and shoulders above other horticultural lighting products. Innovation and effectiveness are the company watchwords. Their HPS Pro lighting systems are adapted from commercial units for use in a domestic environment, kicking out more micromols of plant-useable light per watt than any other HPS light on the market. Choose from 600w, 750w, and the awesome 1000w versions. Their superb Plasma lights (LEPs) were the first of their type and they're still the best!

Continuing in their tradition of creating innovative products that really make a difference come the Gavita EL Master Controller units, which respond to the temperature in your grow-space, dimming lighting whenever the environment becomes too hot. This exciting new approach will have a measurable impact on the success of your grow, adding much to the quality and weight of the end-product!

If you're really serious about growing the best and increasing your yields, then Gavita Pro lighting is essential. Giving you the highest efficiency, plant health and final weight. Once you've tried Gavita lights you'll never want to go back to normal grow-lights ever again!

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