G.A.S EC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller

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  • Control and adjust your maximum and minimum fan settings using two simple knobs
  • Now compatible with Hyper Fan V2s as well as Vectors
  • Adjustable temperature dial holds your desired grow room temperatures inline, while maintaining great extraction
  • Inbuilt temperature LED indicates when temperatures are higher than those set on the device
  • Setting maximum and minimum fan speeds reduce fan running cost and unwanted noise
  • Plugs directly into Systemair's EC fan range (using active cables)
  • Can be combined with an Active Y splitter cable to use two fans
  • Requires no individual power supply, taking its power direct from the fan

Take Control of Your Temperatures with the GAS EC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller

Get full thermostatic control for your Revolution Vector EC fans for less than £80! The GAS EC1 regulates maximum and minimum fan speeds and keeps room temps at optimal levels. With a (separately available) Y-splitter, you can also control your intake at the same time!


How the GAS EC1 Thermostatic Speed Controller Works

Controlling your fan speed is critical. When cold outdoor temperatures hit, it’s handy to be able to reduce airflow a little, allowing your grow lights and heaters to compensate. The same can be said for hot summer months, when outside temperatures play havoc with your indoor environment. In this case, turning fans up helps to keep air temperatures optimal. The EC1 regulates air temperatures using its thermostat settings, and minimum / maximum control knobs. Simply set the temperature dial to your preferred setting and the EC1 will adjust fan outputs to match your grow room heat levels. The EC1 also features an LED that indicates that grow room temperatures are higher than those set on the device, allowing you to adjust your minimum and maximum fan speeds, if necessary.

The GAS EC1 plugs directly into any fans in the Systemair range that feature active cables (Systemair EC cables using white connectors). These active cables power the device, so there’s no need for a separate power supply. The EC1 can be combined with the Active Y-Splitter cable to connect two EC fans at the same. If you’re running intake and extraction together, just make sure that your intake fan is a size smaller than your extraction fan, as this will maintain negative pressure, preventing smells from escaping from your grow room.


9cm x 6cm

Probe Length

4 metres



1 x GAS EC1 Thermostatic Speed Controller from Global Air Supplies

How to Use the GAS EC1 Thermostatic Speed Controller

Full instructions are included with the EC1 Thermostatic Speed Controller.

What Cables Do I Need?

The GAS EC1 comes with an Active 5m Male to Male Cable, which allows you to connect up a Vector EC fan, straight out of the box. 

If you want to use it with two fans, add in an Active Y-Splitter and another Active 5m Male to Male Cable. Just make sure that your intake fan is smaller than your extractor fan, in order to maintain negative pressure in the room.

This unit is now compatible with the Hyper Fan V2. You'll need a separate adapter: look for G.A.S Hyper Fan Adapter (Cable Pack 16). Please note: the EC1 will only support one Hyper Fan V2. Do not try to use two fans with an active Y-splitter.

Note that it is only ever compatible with active cables, as these connections also power the device. Check out the One Stop Blog for more info.

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