Revolution Stratos and Vector fans are the latest offerings from Systemair, makers of the legendary RVK range. They take the ruggedness and durability of RVKs and improve on them by adding better airflow ratings and incredible energy efficiency levels. They're also extremely quiet relative to the volume of air they move (but not 'silent' as some claim!).

The Revolution Vector models even feature electronically commutated (EC) motors that run on frictionless magnetic pulses, unlike regular motors that run with brushes and bearings.

If you're running a Vector fan, you're going to need to use it with a G.A.S. Fan Speed Controller, which will regulate the speed of your Vector between 1% and 100% with no humming or buzzing!

One quick correction: the 10 inch Vector actually moves 2077 cubic metres of air, not 2700 as stated on the video - still a phenomenal rate and on a par with much larger box fans!

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