Whitefly & How to Deal With Them

So, What Are Whitefly?

Whiteflies are common pests that inevitably show up in your grow room, and when left untreated, can destroy your crop. We’ll give you some tips on how to spot them before they wreak havoc, how to get rid of them, and some useful aftercare for your plants.

If you’re looking for signs of whitefly, it’s a good idea to check the underside of your leaves, this is where they typically lay their eggs. If you spot whitefly eggs, you’ve got around a week before they hatch into nymphs. When they’re in their adult form, it’s quite hard to miss them, as they usually stand out from the leaves.

Why Are Whitefly Such a Pain?

The reason Whitefly are such a danger to your crop is the fact that they consume the nutrients within your plants. This has an obvious affect, stunting growth and damaging plants' leaves, affecting their ability to photosynthesise. When whitefly consume these nutrients, they excrete them as a sweet and sticky substance, which is another way to spot them on your plants.

So How Do We Control Whitefly?

The best way to control them is with a product like SB Plant Invigorator. It uses natural, environmentally friendly ingredients to destroy whitefly while giving your plants an overall boost in vigour, for a two-pronged effect. t’s also fantastic against aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, scale and psyllid.

What Else Can You Do to Protect Against Whitefly?

After you’ve completed these steps, it’s also a good idea to trim any damaged leaves and dispose of them. Also, keep an eye out for any leftover eggs that could possibly be on your leaves and trim those too.

The best thing to do with any pest is to spot them before they have chance to hatch / repopulate your plants, so giving you plants a check over every day is going to make dealing with pests a lot easier.

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