The Four Common Character Traits of a Hydroponic Grower

What Makes a Good Grower?

Every single hobby or endeavor has a wide variety of people taking part and whilst it’s impossible to put people into clean, well defined boxes, we can always look at those common traits that seem to fit well into hydroponic growing

1. Patient

It’s no shock to most people reading this blog that a plant cannot be grown overnight and of course requires weeks of care. What a lot of other hobbies have in common is a sense of instant gratification where the enjoyment and excitement happens at the time you put the effort in. For example, sports such as football and rugby are enjoyable at the time and games like chess can be won in under an hour whereas hydroponics requires regular attention over a course of weeks before you see the fruit of your labour.

2. Curious

With so many products on the market, it’s difficult not to be tempted to try them. Walking into our shop in Stoke on Trent you’ll see a whole wall covered in shelves packed to the brim with various nutrients and boosters and it’s difficult to not be drawn in by the choice. This natural curiosity is what brings creativity to hydroponics and sets it aside from other hobbies.

3. Attentive

Growing a plant comes with its problems which are solvable, but only when you keep a close eye on the progress of your grow.

Common problems include root rot and various bugs which you’ll only know about if you’re taking an interest in how your plant is coming along. A non attentive grower is one that may miss the early signs of a problem and only be able to intervene when it’s too late. 

4. Resourceful and Forward Looking

Although there’s a whole array of equipment available to us when growing, financial restraints are put on all of us that mean we can’t just buy everything we want or require at the point in time when we need it.

Being able to look ahead and take stock of the consumables you have available between the present moment and your next payday is a valuable character trait that will serve you well in hydroponics.

Let us know if there are more that we've missed out and if you fit into these descriptions.