Spider Mites & How To Deal With Them

Mites are a common grow room problem. When left untreated, plant health can deteriorate and growth can slow down, effectively ruining your crop. It’s not all bad news, though, as we can help you identify spider mites and give you the tools and knowhow to eliminate them!

Mites are often very hard to spot unless you look closely, due to their tiny size. One thing you can do to run a quick test is hold some paper underneath some leaves and shake them. If mites are present, you’ll see little tiny black specs appear on the paper. You’ll also notice signs of damage if left untreated for a longer period. There will be yellowish / brownish tinted specs on your leaves which are easily identifiable.

One product that we recommend to prevent Spider Mites is Spidermite Protection Spray.

Spidermite Protection Spray is a 100% Organic control for mites. It's made with essential oils which mites hate, and it leaves your plants free from nasty, synthetic chemicals! Another reason we're big fans of Spidermite Protection Spray is that it also has mild nutrients to help your plants recover from the mites, and also some properties to help prevent powdery mildew! It's a fantastic all in one spray that's affordable, won't harm your crop, and eliminates infestations with ease.

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