Plant Rust & Restoring Health

A lot of plants are prone to rust. It’s caused by a fungal disease / parasite that leeches onto your plant to survive. It gets into your grow room via spores, which can make it hard to fully remove from your grow room, but we’re going to give you the knowledge to spot rust before it spreads.

The signs of rust can be different depending on your plant, but there’s certain similarities that are consistent within all signs of rust. Yellow / Brownish blisters can be seen on the plants leaves, hence the name. Commonly, there’s also swellings on the underside of the leaf, and these are filled with the fungi spores.

The first thing you need to do when you spot rust is to (if possible) remove the damaged leaves and disinfect the area. After you’ve removed the leaves, it’s crucial to get your plant back in perfect health as soon as possible to avoid stunting your growth, so we recommend a full clean down of the area to be sure there's no other unwanted bacteria / fungi. A spray such as Silver Bullet Mist would be fantastic to make sure your environment is sterile when you’re starting your next crop after the fungi.

Giving your plants a much-needed health boost is something that’s vital, as it’ll allow them to pick back up growing and limit any damage caused by the fungus. We’d recommend a plant health product such as the Revive from Advanced Nutrients, as it’ll help restore your plants health while giving you some other natural benefits.

Another fantastic boost to your plants health would be to add some silicon into your schedule. Silica improves a plants immune system and increases its resistance to pests and disease, as well as improving nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2. All of what we’ve mentioned so far is going to help your plants health recover, but there’s a lot you can do afterwards to make sure that they’re maintained.

Checking your PH regularly will make sure that there’s no error when up taking nutrients. A perfect PH will make sure that your plants are taking in nutrients at their optimum level, giving them everything they need for maximum growth.

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