Introducing the Telos 10 Pro

Introducing the Telos 10 Pro

So today, we’re going to be introducing the Grow Northern GN Telos 10 Pro.

The new version’s even more efficient than the original model, which was impressive to begin with. Grow Northern have pulled this off by including some of the latest OSRAM LEDs, which produce an enormous 2.5 micro moles of useable light per watt.

Because the Telos 10 Pro is more efficient, it delivers a more intense output for a lower energy consumption, running at 285 watts compared to the original’s 300.

That’s a 5% energy saving, which means that it’ll pay for itself in reduced electricity costs alone over its lifespan.

In the box you’ll find everything you need to get going, including a set of hangers, though we’d recommend investing in some rope ratchets to give you a bit of extra flexibility. 

When you fire it up, you may notice that it’s heavier in the reds areas than the original, which will increase flowering sites and bulk up your fruits:

Don’t worry though, because there’s still enough blue in there to keep internodal lengths down, making your plants nice and compact, using the grow space as efficiently as possible with a great footprint:.

The whole thing feels like it’s really built to last, utilising the very highest quality components – right down to the cables and connectors. 

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