Introducing Jiffy Pro7 Grow Media

Jiffy Pro7 Media

Jiffy are one of the biggest names in grow media. In the hydroponics world, they’re best known for their propagation plugs – Jiffy’s range of peat and coco pellets have been around for decades and are hugely popular among commercial growers. They’re made with the highest quality raw materials, they deliver excellent strike rates with quick turnaround times, and they represent great value for money.

The Jiffy Pro7 takes this approach to quality and value and brings it to the later stages of your grow cycle. Everything in the Pro7 range is fully RHP certified - a certificate that is used in the professional horticultural industry as a badge of honour and a mark of quality. It allows growers working at extremely large scales to select media that will squeeze out the biggest yields possible. If the substrate has earned its certificate, you can be sure that it’s been through an array of tests to confirm that it is 100% consistent, stable and free from adulterants.

Jiffy Pro7 Coco

There are two types to choose from: solid blocks or bags of media.

Pro7 Solid blocks are much easier to transport because they’re supplied fully dehydrated, allowing them to be as compact and lightweight as possible. This means that you can transport a large volume of media in a very small space, making it much more discreet. A full 70 litres of media can be stored in a block that weighs just 5 kilos! The downside to this is that an extra step is required when potting up – you’ll need to soak the blocks in pH adjusted water to rehydrate them. However, it’s a small price to pay if discretion is your main priority.

Jiffy Pro7 Coco consists of 100% uncompressed pith that originates from mature coconut husk. Using mature husk delivers a medium that breaks down much more slowly. As coco degrades, it releases potassium into the root zone, which can cause problems. Often, you’ll need to add in some extra cal-mag to compensate for it. With better quality coco and slower breakdown rates, Jiffy Pro7 Coco produces less excess potassium, for more stable and predictable plant nutrition.

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