Introducing - Eazy Plug Grow Media

Introducing - Eazy Plug Grow Media

So today, we’re going to be introducing you to Eazy Plug grow media.

Eazy Plug products are made from a mix of coco and organic bonding agent. They deliver incredible strike rates for cuttings, and rapid root development all-round, which is down to an almost perfect water-to-air ratio. 

They come in a number of sizes, from rooting plugs to 3-inch cubes and 4.8 litre pyramids, so you can shift through the different growth stages without ever having to pot-up, saving you time and effort – and a lot of mess.

The large Eazy Plug fits perfectly inside the 3-inch block. Once your plants are rooted into the block, you can then sit it on top. Just be careful not to knock it until the roots have had time to bed in.

Eazy Plug Block

If you prefer, you can transplant the plugs straight to the pyramid by cutting a small hole in in the top, skipping the 3-inch block stage altogether.

Easy blocks and pyramids push growth rates using the root pruning effect. When a root reaches the outer edge of the medium it hits fresh air and dies. This sounds bad, but as a consequence, more roots are sent out from the centre, creating an extremely dense root system that fills the medium.

Eazy Plug Blocs Pushes Growth Rates

The exposed outer edges also work to increase oxygen, which pushes things even further. A quick word of advice – the growth rates in Eazy Plugs are so rapid that it’s easy to underestimate your watering. Make sure you feed them often enough and don’t let them dry out!

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