BudBox Lite vs BudBox Pro

BudBox Lite vs BudBox Pro

The Battle of the Boxes – it’s BudBox Lite Vs BudBox Pro

Since 2004, BudBox have been (and remain) the leading and most trusted grow tent producers in the indoor horticulture industry, and it’s easy to see why! All BudBox tents feature excellent quality, robust and highly reflective tent linings, which are well stitched and durable. They may appear similar from the outside, but there are several key differences between the two…

BudBox Lite: Excellent for Entry Level Growers

BudBox Lite tents have fewer features compared to the BudBox Pro range, but, because they come in at the right price, they’re perfect for those on tighter budgets or for newcomers who are just venturing into the world of indoor growing. The Lite range features an array of smaller sized tents (not included in the Pro range) that come in handy for growers with limited space. They’re also perfect for propagation, vegging and holding mother plants.

The Construction

The BudBox Lite comes with one type of tent lining, which is mylar/silver 210 dtx. This lining is thick and durable and reflects much of the light from your grow lamp back towards your plants. It also features quality zips. BudBox Lite grow tents come with standard white powder coated, 16mm poles that are held together by strong, plastic connections (except for the larger models, 2.4m square and up, which have even thicker poles).

If you’re looking for a grow tent for a tight space or if you’re on a budget, then the BudBox Lite is the tent for you!

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BudBox Pro: Perfect for the Pros

BudBox Pro grow tents have been a staple at One Stop Grow Shop since 2014. They cost a little extra, but come with a long list of extra features, making them well worth the extra spend, especially if you're an established grower and want a quality item.

Also Available with White Internal Lining

Firstly, you get a choice of tent linings. Choose between mylar/silver 210 dtx super strong reflective lining or upgrade to a white lining, which delivers a more even light-spread and 10% extra PAR reflection capability. This is quite a significant increase. Imagine if you could upgrade your grow light reflector to one that reflects 10% more light. Would you do it? More light usually equates to more yield so, everything else being equal, you can look forward to bigger crops. White BudBox Pro tents also show a difference in heat retention.

White lined tents retain up to 6-8 degrees (ºC) less heat than their mylar (silver) counterparts. So, if excess heat is a problem then an upgrade to a white lined tent will help to push your grow to the next level. Conversely, if your temperatures are too low, stick with Mylar which increases the heat inside by reflecting infrared radiation. Whatever the conditions in your grow space, BudBox offer a solution!

All BudBox Pro grow tents use heavy-duty, metal corner pieces, and pole connections with click lock connections to keep your framework locked into place, for enhanced structural integrity. 16mm poles feature in the smaller sizes, stepping up to stronger 25mm poles for all sizes above 1.2m square. All poles are black powder-coated to prevent rust. BudBox Pros come with tougher, military grade zips, which are designed to work (and last) in the most demanding of conditions.

There are also multiple inspection hatches, from front to back, and the sides too, which make tending to every part of your indoor garden incredibly easy.

Check on your Plants - Anytime!

A green tinted viewing window is a feature of all BudBox Pros. It allows you to view your plants day or night. The green tint filters out photosynthetically active light (also known as PAR), so that you can check on your plants as often as you need to without disturbing light cycles.

This is also handy if you want to check on temperature and humidity levels without disturbing the indoor environment itself. Plants prefer a consistent environment. When opening and closing the door, you’re disturbing the stable conditions inside. This could potentially cause issues with growth speed. The green-tinted viewing window allows you to minimise this as much as possible. A velcro-attached flap allows you to cover it and blank it out when it is not being used.

Neat Irrigation Pipework

Larger BudBox Pro Grow Tents 1.2m square and upwards feature an irrigation "uplift" bar and port. This bar and port allow you to thread pipework from your grow system directly into your grow tent while keeping it level to the ground. This allows liquids to flow freely through the system which is invaluable for bottom-fed systems like IWS or Autopot. It also keeps the pipework neater and tidier, eliminating trip hazards

Simply put, there is no better option than a BudBox Pro. They are the best at what they do. The extra features make the whole range stand out against the competition. Here’s a comparison to further illustrate the difference between the BudBox Lite and BudBox Pro tents.

Want see more? Check out the full range of BudBox Pro Tents.As you can see, there are big differences between BudBox Lite and BudBox Pro tents – by paying that bit more you’ll be getting a whole host of extra features that will make a big difference to both you and your plants. Ultimately, though, BudBox Lite and Pro tents are both streets ahead of the competition, so, whichever you go for, you’ll be sure of getting an excellent grow tent that will last for many indoor growing seasons.

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