Athena - How to Use Powdered Nutrients

A Guide to Using Pro Powdered Nutrients

These days, most plant nutrients are bottled liquids. This makes them heavy and bulky for the amount of nutrients that they contain. Being pre-mixed with water also reduces their shelf life.

Recently though, Athena Nutrients have introduced their very interesting Pro Line of powdered nutrients onto the market.

While Athena do have a Blended Line of nutrients which are bottled liquids, the Athena Pro Line of powdered nutrients has been designed for professional horticulturalists.

Made With Expert, Professionals Gardener in Mind

Athena Nutrients know that professional gardeners are always on the lookout for ways to improve their crops, be that in quality or quantity, or consistency. Athena nutrients have worked closely with the grow rooms in Los Angeles, California to come up with the perfect plant nutrient formulations. Used as directed, Athena nutrients will deliver superb yields and excellent quality crops time after time. All this at a great price.

Why Powdered?

Storage space in a large grow room is often at a premium. Powdered nutrients take up less space, they are also easier to transport and, as an added bonus, they have a longer shelf life too.

Because powdered nutrients are cheaper to package and transport to the end user, production costs are reduced and the savings can then be passed on to the end user, making these premium quality products great value for money.

Powdered nutrients need to be able to be mixed quickly, easily and completely with water at room temperature. Athena Pro Nutrients do just that - just add the right amount of powder to water and stir. There will be no particles left at the bottom of the reservoir tank and there will never be any residues left in the tank or the feed lines after use.

How to Get the Best From Professional Powdered Nutrients

Athena nutrients say that to get the most from their nutrients they should be used in run-to waste systems. There is a good reason for this:

Athena Pro Nutrients are formulated to deliver the perfect ratios, and the problem with recirculated nutrients is that they tend to become unbalanced over time. 

While the nutrient solution in a recirculating system may start out optimal, different plants in the system do not uptake nutrients (nitrogen phosphorous, potassium, etc.) at the same rate. As the solution circulates, it becomes more and more unbalanced.

In run-to-waste systems, plants get fresh, perfectly balanced nutrient solution consistently, optimising plant growth and yields.

The Athena Pro Line has three types of Powder: Core, Grow, and Bloom.

Core is used all the way through.

Grow is only used in the vegetative stage, along with Core.

Bloom is used during the flowering phase along with Core.

It is recommended that Athena Cleanse is used all the way through to keep the irrigation system in pristine condition, free from mineral buildups.

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