Aphids & How To Deal With Them

A Guide to Aphids

Aphids are another annoyance that can crop up in your grow room. Aphids are small, sap-sucking insects which come in a variety of sizes and colours; they can be green, white, or even black.

Spotting Aphids is the first port of call when it comes to eradicating them from your grow room, as you want to catch them while their numbers are small. Large infestations will quickly cause your plants growth to slow down, this is something no grower wants.


So what do you do if you spot Aphids?

The first thing you need to do is remove the areas in which the aphids have infested, the best way to do this is to put a carrier bag over the area before pruning. This is a simple way to stop them from jumping to other areas once the branch / leaf is moved, preventing spreading.

What you’ll want to do then is introduce a product such as Zero Tolerance. The essential oils and organic ingredients within Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance help you to combat infestations while protecting your plants from any nasty chemicals.


A complete guide on how to use Zero Tolerance can be found on our website, but we’d recommend that you start using lower dosages that the standard 50 ml per litre of water. This is because your plants may not be in peak health, so the plants can deal with the sudden change a lot easier. Many growers use it successfully at half strength or lower. This helps to avoid the chance of it causing problems.

We recommend that before spraying all over your plants damaged areas, you do a patch test. Mix up your solution and use it on one of the leaves and see how it reacts. If the leaf has reacted negatively in any way after 24-hours, then DO NOT USE the spray at that strength on the whole plant. Instead, retest another leaf with a half strength solution, then wait another 24 hours and recheck. It is highly important to find the right dosage strength for the health condition of your particular plants before spraying your whole crop.


As always, after you’ve treated your plant, we recommend giving it some TLC in the form of a plant spray such as CannaCure. We’re massive fans of it here at One Stop, and it’ll give your plant that much needed protection while it’s recovering from the Aphids!

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Until then, Happy Growing!

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