A Rough Guide to Using CO2

Once you’ve got everything else in your grow room nailed down, adding extra carbon dioxide (CO2) will push things to the next level. CO2 is essential to the process of photosynthesis, which is the main driver for plant growth. For this reason, supplemental CO2 can really help to pile on weight at harvest time. It’s not uncommon for growers to see gains of up to 20%!

One of the quickest and most direct ways to increase your plants’ access to CO2 is to use CO2 Fusion. CO2 Fusion is formulated with dissolved, inorganic carbon, which is sprayed directly onto leaves for maximum impact. At the same time, it opens up leaf pores called stomata, which further increases the effectiveness. We'd recommend running a test on your next set of cuttings – spray one half with CO2 Fusion and leave the other half, then look at the difference in rooting times and growth rates! We guarantee you’ll be back for more because the effects are profound.

Enhancer CO2 Canisters, from TNB Naturals, will increase atmospheric CO2 levels without requiring a large initial investment. All you need to do is add lukewarm water to the canister and shake it up. It will boost levels for two weeks, and cover an area of up to 144 square feet (3.65m x 3.65m). Once the two weeks are up, you can grab yourself a cost-effective refill that will start the process from scratch.

If you want to do things as professionally as possible, then the Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller is exactly what you need. At £374.95, it’s a bigger initial outlay than buying an Enhancer Canister, but it easily pays for itself by maintaining perfect CO2 levels at all times. The package includes a super-accurate sensor, which will measure the CO2 content of the air. The controller then uses this data to switch your CO2 generating equipment on and off as needed. It’s plug-and-play, and very easy to program, with only two knobs and a switch!

There are two ways to utilise the Pro-Leaf Controller. The first is with a CO2 Regulator.

The Regulator attaches to a CO2 cylinder, using a solenoid valve to release the gas when needed.

It’s the simplest way to do things but bear in mind that you may need to replace these cylinders quite often if your grow room is on the larger side. Come and visit us instore and we can swap your empty cylinders for fresh ones.

The second way to use the Pro-Leaf Controller is with an Autopilot CO2 Generator. The Autopilot does the same job as a cylinder, but it delivers the carbon dioxide in a different way. It connects to a natural gas supply - usually a bottle. These gas bottles last for much longer than CO2 cylinders, making this method a lot less hassle.

The Autopilot works by burning gas for short periods, which releases CO2 as a by-product. There are pros and cons to everything, however, and the trade-off here is that that it will also trigger a tiny increase in temperature and humidity levels. This is something that you’ll need to factor in when you’re dealing with your grow room environment.

The methods that you choose to increase CO2 will depend on your budget and situation.

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