3ml Pipette with 0.5ml Graduations

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  • Easy to use
  • Measures up 3ml of plant food, boosters or pH adjustment liquids
  • Made of quality plastic
  • Durable, even when used with strong acids and alkalis
  • Accurate markings in 0.5ml graduations

3ml Pipette with 0.5ml Graduations

Probably the best way of dispensing caustic liquids like pH up alkalis or pH down acids is with a pipette. This 3ml pipette can be re-used many, many times and is marked with 0.5ml graduations for accurate measuring.

How the 3ml Pipette with 0.5ml Graduations works:

The 3ml pipette with 0.5ml graduations is a plastic tube with a small nozzle at one end and a bulbous end at the other. The tube has markings in 0.5ml graduations for accurate measurement. When the nozzle end is placed in a liquid and bulbous end is squeezed and released, the pipette will suck the liquid into the tube and the markings show how much liquid has been drawn out. For most liquids it will take a few seconds for the bulbous end to completely stop drawing liquid up. The nozzle end of the pipette can then be taken out of the liquid and the surface tension in the nozzle will retain the liquid inside the tube, preventing it from dripping out. The measured amount of liquid can then be added to a reservoir by simply squeezing the bulbous end again.

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1 x 3ml Pipette with 0.5ml Graduations

Using the 3ml Pipette with 0.5ml Graduations

The 3ml Pipette with 0.5ml Graduations can be used in the above manner to measure out small amounts of almost all types of liquid. Because the pipette contains no rubber, it is ideal for used for measuring out and dispensing caustic liquids like strong acids or alkalis. The pipette can be re-used many times but we strongly advise rinsing the inside and outside of the pipette with water in-between measuring out different liquids to prevent cross-contamination of your bottles. When using with acids and alkalis it is very important that the pipette is dry and completely clean of other substances. This is because introducing water or an alkali into a concentrated acid like pH down can cause a fierce reaction. In some cases this can cause acid to splutter out of the bottle where it could land on skin or eyes and cause serious burns. The same is true of introducing water or acid into a concentrated alkali like pH up. Pipettes may also be difficult to use with very thick and viscous liquids because they will resist being sucked up through the small nozzle. For thick, viscous liquids we would generally recommend a syringe or measuring beaker instead.

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