Xtreme Gardening - Dealer Day

We're being joined by Fran of Xtreme Gardening on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd March in our Stoke-on-Trent store.

Xtreme Gardening are one of the world's premier producers of beneficial plant additives, combining cutting edge tech with the results of thousands of years of evolutionary design. Their products are centred around vastly increasing both the quality and quantity of your yields. Their range has been responsible for smashing no less than seven world records, including growing a 2000lb pumpkin!

Fran will be in store for 2 days during shop opening hours on Thur 22nd and Fri 23rd March answering any queries you have about the range and giving you invaluable expert advice on how to get the most out of your plants. Alongside expert advice there will be plenty of free goodies up for grabs, so make sure you get here nice and early because they're bound to go fast!

Check out their range here - for a limited time we're also offering 10% off all Xtreme Gardening products.

Azos - Beneficial bacteria work by converting nitrogen from the surrounding atmosphere into a form that's easily absorbed by roots, increasing plant growth. Azos is great as an alternative to cloning gels, or for use as a cloner and to avoid transplant shock

Mykos - Mycorrhizae work symbiotically with plants, colonising the root system and increasing the uptake of nutrients, leading to vast improvements in the quality and quantity of your harvest. Mykos also provides strong drought protection.

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