In early 2020, discussions were had as to how we can make your experience better shopping with us online with the current 

The conclusion was that with our current website, we couldn't impliment a lot of the ideas we had.

That was the catalyst to plan and create our biggest project to date, a completely new and improved website, giving customers everything they need to shop with us.

During the midst of the first lockdown, we were smashing orders out by day, and planning the new site by night...

After months of hard work behind the scenes, V1 of our new website is here.

What've we improved? 

  • Dark Mode - In a recent poll, 80% of users said they use dark mode on websites wherever possible, so we've implimented this straight out of the box for you. Dark mode makes it easier on the eye when shopping late at night (which we know a lot of you night owls do), whilst saving your battery life on mobile devices; it's a win win.
  • Improved Banners - We can now give you more information on any offers we're running, allowing you to make the most of them and save some big £££.
  • Click and Collect - You can now pay for your goods online and collect them in-store, giving you a seamless experience from start to finish.
  • Improved Communication - We can now tell you when a product is on pre-order and send you emails when products are back in-stock.
  • Easy Access - More streamlined, enhanced search functions to make it easier for you to find the products you love.
  • Clearer Listings - With a new page builder tool, we can create bespoke product listings to enrich your experience when shopping; be sure to keep your eye out for these as we'll be making constant improvements to our product pages.
  • Improved Cart - You can now quickly and easily add new items to your cart on the fly, allowing you to keep tabs on how much you're spending, and see how much a discount code is knocking off your total value.
  • New Blog Intergration - We've now fully ported our blog across and merged in into the new website, giving you the ability to search blogs and products within our search engine for ease of use when learning on the go.
  • Faster Shopping - The new website gives you a more streamlined service, allowing faster load times when browsing on your PC, or mobile.
  • Improved Mobile Browsing - Our website is now fully dedicated and optimised for mobile browsing, making it easier to navigate when away from your PC.

At One Stop, customer security has and always will be our number one priority. 

  • Enhanced Bitpay Module - Our new site allows us to enhance our cryptocurrency payment gateway, making it easier for you when spending crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Super Secure Infrastructure - Our old site was unbreachable, but we've stepped this up another level with our new website, giving you even more protection when shopping with us.
  • GDPR Complicance - We saw more of you shopping online than ever before in 2020, so for 2021, we've put even more resources into advanced security measures to make sure your data remains YOUR data; if you're shopping with us, we've got your back.

At One Stop, we've a really loyal customer base in which we love to give back to, so, we've now implimented a points system.

For every £100 you spend, you'll get £1 to spend on whatever you want; add this up over a year and you'll have enough to treat yourself to some goodies along the way.

It's our way of giving back to you guys, we hope you enjoy it!

Being able to track your order from picking to packing is essential, so we've intergrated this feature straight into the website, giving you more information regarding your order.

Full tracking, dispatch and returns information will be available with the click of a button.