Vitalink - Plant Start

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  • Vitalink - one of the titans of the growing industry
  • Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent
  • A complete source of nutrition for cuttings and seedlings
  • Very forgiving formula that won't burn young plant
  • Helps to shorten turnaround times for the veg stages
  • Formulated specifically for seedlings and cuttings
  • Encourages fast, healthy rooting
  • Used at 3ml to 4ml per litre

Use Plant Start and Give Your Cuttings and Seedlings the Best Start Possible

Plant Start nurtures young plants through their earliest and most vulnerable stages, delivering all of the nutrients that they require for optimal growth. It's a quick and effective way to ensure that young plants get the very best start possible, speeding up development and shortening the turnaround time, so you can get flowering as quickly as possible! It's also very gentle and forgiving, so there's little risk of over fertilising and causing issues with leaf burn. A highly popular and highly effective product.

How Vitalink Plant Start Works

Vitalink PlantStart is the perfect nutrient especially for seedlings and newly rooted cuttings. Plant Start is gentle but contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients to provide all the macro and micro nutrients that young plants need for strong, healthy roots and growth.


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How to Use Vitalink Plant Start

Plant Start should be mixed with water at rate of 3ml - 4ml per litre. pH levels will depend on the growing style, generally varying between 5.8 and 6.5.


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