Vegepod Raised Beds

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  • Great for growers without gardens - ideal for patios and balconies
  • Very productive - capable of delivering bumper harvests
  • Saves hassle using self-watering technology
  • Protects plants, minimising damage from pests and predators
  • Allows you to grow outdoors all year round, even during the winter
  • Comes with built-in misting sprayer
  • Available in three sizes, with stands to match
  • Please note - Vegepods are purchase to order and will arrive with us 1-2 working days after your purchase. They'll then be sent out as soon as we have them with us.


The Raised Bed With Its Own Feeding System and Micro-Climate

Vegepods are great for those without access to a regular garden, as they allow you to grow produce in unusual places, such as balconies and patios - almost anywhere, in fact. They function as raised beds and they can host an array of different plants, including tomatoes and chillies. Vegepods feature automatic self-watering systems that utilise wicking to keep the substrate moist. This reduces the number of feeds required, making Vegepods very easy to manage. The beds are all one foot deep (around 30cm), so there's plenty of space for roots to grow,  maximising plant development potential.

The permeable mesh covering stops plants from getting infested with pests and protects them from being eaten by animals. It also maintains an optimal microclimate that your plants will love, preserving warmth while remaining breathable at the same time.

The covering is fitted with spray heads that can be connected to a separate tank.

Stands are available for each of the three Vegepod sizes, which position them at waist height. This makes them easier to maintain, and ideal for older gardeners and those who struggle to bend down.

Dimensions (Small Vegepod)

Size: 50cm x 100cm

Growing Depth: 26cm

Height: 103cm

Soil Required: 120 litres


Dimensions (Medium Vegepod)

Size: 100cm x 100cm

Growing Depth: 26cm

Height: 103cm

Soil Required: 240 litres


Dimensions (Large Vegepod)

Size: 200cm x 100cm

Growing Depth: 26cm

Height: 103cm

Soil Required: 480 litres

How to Use Vegepods

See the attached guides in the Downloads section for more information on the set-up process.


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