Vegebag - 80 litre

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  • Complete outdoor container system and mini greenhouse - great for a patio or balcony
  • Made from breathable enviromesh material
  • Can be filled with up to a foot of soil
  • Self watering - uses a wicking system to water plants from below
  • Provides drainage holes at the bottom to prevent flooding
  • Easy to transport and store - comes with carrying handles to make it easier to move when soil is added
  • Easy-access zippable lid - protects plants from pests and predators
  • Pairs up nicely with Ecotrhive





Protective Outdoor Grow Station

The Vegebag is an all-in-one grow station for producing plants outdoors. When folded up, it fits into a tiny space, but when it's expanded it forms a mini greenhouse and watering system. The enviromesh outer material keeps plants protected from overly intense sunlight and heavy rain, while also preventing pests and predators from getting near to them and causing damage. The top half is see-through white and the bottom half is green (this bit is designed to hold your soil).

A run-off tray sits at the bottom of the bag, with a top tray that sits inside it. When you water your plant(s), excess moisture collects in the run-off tray. It then gets wicked back up to the top tray when needed. This increases the gap between feeds, making less work for the grower.

What Can I Grow in my Vegebag?

Pretty much anything! All leafy salads and herbs (sliverbeet, spinach, parsley, chard, lettuce, etc.) Tomatoes and chillies, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc. Avoid growing shrubs and fruit.


57cm x 75cm

How to Use the Vegebag

The process is very simple - open up the Vegebag, place the trays at the bottom, add your soil and pot up your plants!

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