Snoop's Premium Nutrients

Designed and made to Snoop Dogg's highly demanding standards, Snoop's Premium Nutrients have been developed to satisfy all the requirements of even the fastest growing plants. For the highest quality end-product and the heftiest yields, you need to be using the highest quality nutrients and the most effective boosters. The Snoop's Nutrients line-up includes base nutrients that are optimised for either circulating or non-circulating systems, plus a coco-specific nutrient. There's also a dedicated young plant nutrient to give cuttings the very best start in life. To complete the range there's a fantastic root booster, PK booster, a quality all-round booster, and a great enzyme product. With Snoop's Premium Nutrients you can be assured that your crops will be the talk of the town!

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Snoop's Premium Nutrients

Snoop's Nutrients are new onto the hydroponics scene. The line-up is designed to be so effective so that even professional growers will be impressed with the results. Yet it is simple enough to use that even absolute beginners will have no problem with it! The main nutrients come in 4 types. There's a nutrient formulated for growing in coco. For hydroponics, there's a version made specifically for non-circulating systems where the nutrient solution drains to waste. There's another made specifically for circulating systems like flood and drain or most DWCs, The last one, Snoop's Nutrients "Start", is a composition just for young plants. Cuttings that have recently rooted and are ready for there first feeds have different requirements than larger plants. A highly dilute veg nutrient has the wrong nutrient profile for optimum results. Start takes care of that, delivering exactly what they need to fly off the starting blocks.

The number of boosters in Snoop's Nutrient range have been kept down to the fewest possible. The superb "Radical Roots" encourages a huge, healthy root system. Used along with "Hyzyme, which breaks down old, dead roots, the rhizosphere is completely taken care of.  The other boosters, "Heavy Harvest" and "Yummy Yield" take care of the parts of the plant above ground, creating a sturdy structure and maximising final quality and yields.

Simplicity and superb results are exactly what you get with Snoop's Nutrients!