Proactive Nutrients

Proactive Nutrients are brought to you by the well-renowned Hydroponics author and expert, Jeffrey Winterborne. The Proactive Nutrients system has been inspired by the types of nutrients and additives that are used by the commercial hydroponics growing industry. A lot of technology has gone into the superb single-bottle base nutrient. The essential micro-nutrients are largely in chelated form and the ratios mimic those found in plant sap. It also contains amino acids. As it is just one bottle it is very simple to use while also delivering some of the most impressive results we've seen. The range also includes a water conditioner which the first of its type on the hydroponics scene. It improves the quality of your starting water by reducing the effect of hard water on your plants while also making it more pH stable. We think the Proactive range is destined to become extremely highly regarded.  Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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