Mammoth ELITE

Mammoth Elite Grow Tents (otherwise known as Intense grow tents) are the highest grade tents in the Mammoth range. They've been carefully designed and engineered after years of research and development, based on continual feedback from commercial growers in Holland. These things are built to the very highest specifications and will last a lifetime!

  • Designed in Holland to meet the demanding specifications of Dutch commercial growers
  • Built to last for a for a lifetime
  • Rock-solid frame-work with inch thick (22mm) aluminium poles
  • Stainless steel click secured corner pieces
  • 2.15m tall - great for hanging Gavita 400v lighting
  • Equipment hanging tubes with a 75kg load capacity
  • Tough fabric lined with 95% reflective Mylar
  • Jam-proof zippers
  • Numerous access socks
  • Washable material, inside and out
  • Modular design: combine different tents in the Elite range using linkable panels
  • Available in huge sizes of up to 6m x 3m!!!