Green-Qube Grow Tents

The Green Qube grow tents are without a doubt the highest quality grow tents available anywhere. The stunning quality can't be missed - from the incredibly thick poles (and we mean - incredibly thick!), the tough canvas and all the features you could possibly need - and more! Including all the ventilation socks, cables socks, access panels that you could possibly need, plus an incredibly reflective lining, these grow tents are the best you can buy. Get one and you'll never look back!

When these Grow Tents arrived at One Stop Grow Shop, we were totally unprepared for the sheer quality that oozes from these things! The poles are amazingly thick and strong, being able to carry up to 100Kg. The fabric and zips look like they will last a lifetime. On top of that, no features have been left out on this no holds barred design! If you only want to ever buy one grow tent, make sure it's a Green Qube!