Grow Tents & Sheeting

We stock the finest grow tents, high performance reflective sheeting and plastic sheeting – including growing equipment and all your gardening accessories. Growing in the right enclosure gives you an excellent way to contain your grow in one space, while also giving you the facility to hang your lights, extraction system and more. If you're searching for items to create the perfect grow environment with the minimum of fuss and hassle then you'll love our amazing range of products from the best brands like BudBox, Easy Grow, Green Qube, Mammoth and Orca. Our grow tents make efficient indoor growing a breeze and they make it easy to dismantle your grow equipment quickly and store it in a small space when it is not being used. We also have many types, widths and lengths of grow sheeting available and we will deliver it all for free if you spend more than £99.


About Grow Tents

A Grow Tent makes it incredibly quick and easy to create the perfect environment for growing plants. Grow Lights use electricity and are therefore they cost money to run. In order to make the most of the money you spend and to not waste it, it is important to make sure that every single photon of light ends up landing on and so being used by your plants for photosynthesis. Our selected products are incredibly reflective and surround your plants, making sure that none of the light leaks out and ends up being wasted. Also, during the dark period, plants need to receive as little light as possible for the best flowering/fruiting response. Because these enclosures don't let light out or in, they ensure your plants are not disrupted during the dark period. This helps to make sure their flowering/fruiting response is optimal.

Grow Tents have socks for connecting your extraction system to the outside via ducting, and other socks for running power cables in to power your grow lights and fans. Hanging rails across the top create sturdy attachment points for reflectors, carbon filters and fans. Cheap brands tend to have dodgy stitching, poor zips and are not light-proof and they therefore usually turn out to be a false economy. We only stock quality enclosures from reputable brands, so you can be assured that your grow won't be compromised in any way.

If a grow tent is not for you, and you would prefer to set up a whole room as a grow environment, we stock a choice of the best reflective sheeting that money can buy. Simply attach it to walls around the room with the bottom of it being approximately level with the top of your pots. This will reflect almost all the light from your grow-light back towards your plants in the room.