IWS Flood and Drain

IWS Flood and Drain has been one of the "go to" products for a versatile, expandable, multi-pot system. No matter how many pots you need (up to a maximum of 48), these systems can be set up in almost any layout configuration. There is also a choice of Inner Pots, which allows you to optimise your system to the grow medium that you wish to use. The heart of an IWS Flood and Drain system is the very clever, and aptly named, "Brain Pot" which controls the timed flow and the return (ebb) of the nutrient solution back to the main reservoir for each timed feed. In the hands of an experienced grower, an IWS can max out the yields of a given sized area of grow-space, while helping to keep maintenance and routine tending time down to a minimum.

Looking for spare parts for your IWS Flood & Drain system? Then check out our dedicated IWS Spares section.