Complete Grow Tent Kits

We have the UK's best selection of full grow tent kits. Hydroponic or hand watering, we have the best kits for beginners and pros, put together with quality products at the UK's cheapest prices. All our hydroponic grow tent kits have free next day delivery, our staff are experts in hydroponics, and on hand to help beginners get the most from their first crop, and give pros tips and tricks on getting the biggest yields.

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Grow Tent Kits

We have a large range of complete and bare-bones essentials grow tent kits to choose from. Whatever way you want to grow we've got a kit that can cover it. Our intermediate and expert grow kits contain pretty much everything and offer great value for money and save you money over buying the items separately. They include great quality Budbox tents which are the best grow tents you can buy.