Systemair Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans

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  • Features a highly durable and dependable AC motor 
  • Uses a finely balanced, aerodynamically optimised impeller to generate incredible pressure levels
  • Loses very little pressure when combined with a carbon filter
  • A more affordable alternative to the Super Silent Revolution EC counterparts
  • No chance of overheating, with thermal motor protection
  • Streams air more efficiently, directing it in a perfectly straight line
  • Totally sealed fan technology provides incredibly silent operation, even at full power
  • Comes with 2-year manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Built to a standard that will ensure smooth operation for years to come
  • The best fans out there for large scale setup's, where silence is paramount and high air flow is key
  • Built using expensive, high grade components only & made in Europe

Power Meets Performance with the Super Silent Revolution AC Range

These super silent, yet immensely powerful Stratos AC fans were developed after years of research and development by Systemair, one of the world's largest European manufacturers of ventilation equipment. Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC fans are amongst the most powerful AC fans currently on the market, delivering incredible air-flow while keeping your grow securely under wraps!

Simply put, the Systemair Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans are incredibly reliable, durable and extremely quiet.


How Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans Work

The Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans feature highly durable and robust motors that blows the competition out of the water. They generate huge pressure levels, moving a ridiculous volume of air for their size and dealing with the drag factor created by your carbon with ease and offer a more affordable option over the Super Silent Revolution Vector EC series.

These fans are also whisper quiet while in operation but are great for the grower who needs total discretion along with superior air movement. While these super silenced fans are excellent at concealing noise levels it's advisable to attach Phonic Trap ducting to your Revolution Super Silent Stratos setup, giving up increased peace of mind.

The Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans have been engineered to stay completely air tight, with fully sealed steel casings. Small gaps in the casings of other fans can affect airflow, and worse still, they can lead to unwanted smells leaving your grow room. Air can be drawn through these gaps without having to first pass through your carbon filter, which can cause big problems! By choosing a Super Silent Revolution Stratos it's an issue you'll never have to worry about.

Compatible AC Fan Controller Equipment

G.A.S. Enviro Controller - offers control over EC and AC fans, and it can also switch on (and off) almost any piece of equipment according to grow room conditions or timing schedules. Highly recommended!

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1 x Systemair Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans of your choice (choose your size above)


Systemair Revolution Super Silent 315mm AC Fan
Input Power -  332 Watts
Max Air Flow - 3812 m3/hr
Recommended carbon filter - CarboAir 12" 315mm/660mm (4250 m3/hr)

Systemair Revolution Super Silent 355mm AC Fan
Input Power -  326 Watts
Max Air Flow - 4212 m3/hr
Recommended carbon filter - CarboAir 12" 315mm/1000mm (6900 m3/hr)

Recommended additional purchase: Phonic Trap Quick Connection Kit

Want to wall-mount your Revolution Duct Fan? Buy a Revolution Fan Bracket here

Please note: the Systemair Revolution Super Silent 355mm AC Fan has a 355mm fitting, however as these are slightly over sized, a reducer should be attached at either end of the fan, so that it is able to connect to 12-inch duct work.

How to Use the Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans

The Systemair Super Silent Revolution Stratos AC Fans can be used to draw air out of your grow-space via a carbon filter or acoustic/phonic trap ducting. The fan should be mounted in the required location with many users preferring to use bungees to hang the fan from, which help to further reduce noise and vibrations. If a carbon filter is to be fitted it is important that the filter is rated at a similar air-flow as the fan.


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